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Young woman sitting on a park bench with her dog

Let Pets in Motion Lend
a Paw

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What We Do

Pet Selection and Adoption Counseling​

Maybe you’re ready for a dog, but worry about your kitty’s safety. Or, you’re not sure if your senior dog would welcome a young friend from the shelter. Maybe you want to choose the right pure-bred puppy for your young family. Pets in Motion is here to help. Through an objective assessment, we’ll help determine the ideal breed, age, size and other optimal pet traits for your household. Already have a pet in mind? Call on us to help assess the pet’s temperament. While not always a clear indication of future behavior, our thorough evaluation has had great success in matching pets to forever families.

Choosing a new pet is so exciting that it’s easy to overlook important factors in a successful match. With help from Pets in Motion, we’ll work together to find the pet that’s just right for you.

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