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A white puppy running across lawn toward camera

Let Pets in Motion Lend
a Paw

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What We Do

New Puppy Orientation​

Congratulations! You’re about to bring home your new puppy or dog. Pets in Motion is on hand to help you build a happy home for your new friend. Just schedule a consultation during the week before or after your dog moves in. We’ll teach you the basics of dog care (ideal for first-time dog owners) and the training skills you’ll need to get started. In a single visit we cover housetraining, crate training, leash and collar introduction, feeding and grooming, toys, treats, and exercise. We’ll even help you determine the right supplies, gate locations and safety issues that are just right for your home and pet. Get ready for your new pet. Get expert advice from Pets in Motion.

A Client Story:

My, What Sharp Teeth You Have

Laura hadn’t had a puppy in 30 years. “I had a Boston Terrier growing up. And even though I’ve had dogs since then, I had no experience training Boston Terrier puppies,” she explained. So when 10-week-old Devon moved in and started nipping at Laura’s 9 and 6-year-old daughters, she didn’t waste any time. “Both my vet and a friend recommended Pets in Motion for training help. I called and scheduled a New Puppy Orientation with Anne.” Fetch the whole story…

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